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  • Shahin has been featured in many music and film productions over the last 3 decades and has remained at the forefront of the entertainment industry globally. Check out her Music and Video projects to find out more.

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Award Winning Singer Songwriter – Triple Platinum Disc Recipient

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Ignition – Celt Islam feat. Shahin Badar

Uk Electronic pioneer Celt Islam emerges from lockdown with his self styled lp “Acid Anarchist’ delivers bone crunching bass driven music that takes you from dub to delirium whilst combining Islamic and world grooves
Highlights for me are where Celt islam pairs up with Prodigy’s vocalist Shahin Badar, Shahin is recognisable from her vocals on “Smack my bitch up” she appears here on the track ‘Ignition’ as a haunting livication to the band’s late great frontman Keith Flint. Another standout is the vocals of Iration steppers Mark Iration on ‘Born as an African.’ its prowling reggae dub techno is equally at home in any of those genres.

There are are further collaboration with well known names such as Inder Goldfinger, tabla player for Stone Roses legend, Ian Brown’s band and Winachi Tribe . Natacha Atlas features on the track System reset, nation records founder Nation records Aki Nawaz is featured on last track Hikam .

As one of the most gifted producers in the genre, we can trace Celt’s melodies and samples back to: Sufism, unleashing the Sufi spirits in the world of 2021 his philosophy, essentially inclusive, and borderless by default , he does this within the genre of his own creation – “Sufi-Dub “ – DJ Smart Monkey



Sapphire26th August, 2020 – Former Prodigy vocalist Shahin Badar collaborates on new single ‘Sapphire’.

Featuring the ultra-distinctive voice of former Prodigy vocalist Shahin Badar, Sapphire marks the start of a new commitment for producer Dee Montero.

Dee’s back with a brand new record label (Futurescope) and a launch single that’s been 18 months in the making. Dee in the shape of a label inspired by his career and born with reverence to the past, present and future.

But let’s rewind a minute. How did this incredible collaboration come together? Well, Dee was a huge fan of The Prodigy growing up and had always wanted to create his own unique take on Sheila Chandra’s Nana, the song that also inspired Liam Howlett so deeply early on in his own career.

And so, as fate would have it, both producers sought out Shahin to work her vocal magic. But it wasn’t easy. “The world is so uncertain,” she laments when we speak to her in Mumbai. “As you know, Keith Flint has gone. And as ever, I am involved in various productions. But this year, when this whole thing started, it took a lot out of me.”


Shahin Interview

Phever is privileged to welcome award-winning and triple-platinum selling chart-topping singer/songwriter SHAHIN BADAR for an emotive interview and reflection on her own career with highlights of working with The Prodigy (vocalist on ‘Smack My Bitch Up’) and memories of Keith Flint right up to present collaborations with Dublin DJ/Producer Podje (Kitchen/4Su-Motion) on latest single “Jaag”…
Music sampled in background with permission.

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